Our Company

Pickering Interfaces AB (PIAB), “Human Technology”


One corner stone has always been to above the family ensure and maintain very good contact with our business partners/suppliers.  We are one shackle in the supply chain from manufacturer to customer, the weakest part determine the strength of the whole chain. The human touch is vital here as well as the feedback from our customers experience. Technology constantly changes and R&D and production can easily move to new countries, it’s therefor essential to be flexible and adapt to our customers expectation and supply products and services that meet current needs.

“Bo Öhrwall”


Our company policy is to help Industrial companies strengthen their enterprises through adapted products in a secure and confinding manner. Our expertise enables us to provide our customers with explicit information in establishing the best possible quotation.


Our aim is to reach long term business relationships based on competence, confidence and quality. Pickering Interfaces works with specially adapted products and offers technical knowledge concerning both products and application. This makes Pickering Interfaces a valuable partner to both customer and supplier.

We must trade in a qualified manner, ensuring our customers high standards of requirements. All new supplier contracts are based on our guiding principles and values. The personal touch is the essence of our enterprise; it should be inspiring, developing and enjoyable doing business with us.

Market / Economy

Our ambition is to be active in areas where we possess knowledge and find the potential for future expansion as well as to meet required IMG_0735bdemands. Our aim is to achieve sufficient gains to finance growth and create possibilities to reach designated goals. The customer base is spread between different domains and sizes of companies i.e Telecom, Test Integration, Automotive, Defence, Aerospace and Medical.

We strive to visit as many customers as possible with out to much CO2 foot print. It’s essential to use environment friendly cars.